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Kısa Özet

1989’dan beri hayatta,

Bilgisayar Mühendisi,


Teknik Yetenekler

iOS Uygulama Geliştirme 80%
Android Uygulama Geliştirme 70%
Web Geliştirme 65%
Proje Yönetimi 90%
İş Geliştirme 75%
Analiz 95%

İş Tecrübeleri

MentalUP is a educational brain training app which focused children. As a mobile developer, i developed Android and iOS application with native and hibrit technologies.

Android App:

iOS: soon

I worked as a Community Manager, Project Manager, Developer, Analyst in the projects I mentioned in detail below. Since Artistanbul‘s company structure is a horizontal structure, I have gained managerial experience by working closely with CEO Ali Işıngör.

The Turkcell Zeka Küpü project has elevated the quality of technology education of outstanding gifted children to them to overcome the technological production culture. Within the scope of the project, 100 students from 7 schools ranging from 130 to 160 IQ levels offered remote and individual training. My tasks in the project:

  • Planed all project needs
  • Managed all quality assurance in Zeka Küpü project and reporteddirectly to all Turkcell Managers, such as Hilmi Güler, Aslı Ünlü, SelinGüler
  • Created and Maintained high quality LMS and contents for students
  • Managed a team of 6 people; assigning them tasks, and motivatingthem to meet deadlines.
  • Managed all suppliers in the project and setuped High Technologylabourites

Fenerbahçe’s official mobile application was designed as a new revenue model while increasing the communication power with fans. My tasks in the project:

  • Planed all project needs
  • Managed all quality assurance in Fenerbahçem and reported directlyto Fenerbahçe Board of Directors. Sponsors were approached for budget and campaigns of 3 million TL monthly before the application was released.
  • A network of sponsors and business partners was established for application.
  • Gamification plan was prepared.
  • A network and business model was created for game developers andcontent producers for in-app content.
  • Created subscription model for fans.

Turkcell Geleceği Yazanlar is a platform for application developers to provide high quality content and community opportunities. Geleceği Yazanlar has more than 10.000 questions, 30.000 page documents more than 75.000 members. My tasks in the project:

  • Planed all iOS and Android Content needs
  • Managed all quality assurance in Geleceği Yazanlar and reporteddirectly to Turkcell Managers such as Önder Filiz, Görkem Çetin
  • Maintained, wrote, edited and checked high quality documents. I gave answers to the questions from the developers. Nearly 5000document revised and 200 questions answered from me.
  • Managed a team of 3 people; assigning them tasks, and motivatingthem to meet deadlines.
  • Participated in organizations, communicated with hundreds ofcompanies and thousands of developers.
  • Organised events, meet-ups, hackhathons.
  • Managed website content and users on druphal system.

My Profile:

My GY Blog:

iDATA is an intermediary company which is obliged to work with consulates of germany and italy and to make paperwork in visa procedures. My tasks and responsibilities;

  • Helped lead developer with Call Center application
  • Created forms and Planed UX
  • Developed mobile applications for Android, iOS and Blackberry
  • Solved problems and maintained all application services.
  • Collecting requests from users and communicating them to developers, assigning them tasks
  • Created basic algorithms for developers.
  • Created User and Developer Manuel Documents
  • Tested applications with more than 50 different scenarios. Reported
    results developer team and project manager.

Diğer Yetenekler

Business Skills

Reporting, Planing, Strategy Development, Organisation, Management, Relationship Management, Presentation, Office Apps, macOS App.

Other things I Know

User Experience Design, Growth Management, Gamification, Social Media, WordPress, Drupal, Firebase, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Fabric, Amplitude

Project Managment Tools

Redmine, Jira, Trello, Github, Asana, Bitbucket

Digital Ayak İzlerim